About Us

Established in 2018, WatchWorld.co is still in its infancy. We have grown exponentially in the recent months and strive to be the honest and fair authority in the luxury timepiece industry. Our idea is simple – there is a watch for everyone, regardless of price range.



As an avid watch enthusiast and collector I constantly review current market prices for both modern and vintage timepieces. I have reviewed hundreds of watches and maintain a successful track record of finding my buyers the best prices on their desired piece.

I graduated from California Polytechnic State University at 19 years old while running a successful entertainment company and flipping houses as a licensed real estate agent. My energy, knowledge of watches both modern and vintage, and skill set allow me to act quickly and efficiently to find amazing deals. I can recite reference numbers for nearly every modern Rolex and have extensive knowledge of the history behind each brand.

I have effectively managed large scale projects with stakeholders including C-level executives, software developers, marketing/sales associates and more.

Often people scoff at the thought of buying a $50,000 watch. My goal (and hobby) is to change that attitude from one of disgust and excess into one of excitement by explaining what a timepiece truly is – art, mechanics and history.

In my belief, my generation values social currency more than actual currency. They live at their parents’ house but post photos on Instagram of them at the hottest clubs with bottle service. Instead of buying an Apple Watch, buy a watch that has meaning and a story – stand out and be seen. Mechanical timepieces contained the first apps (such as the chronograph on the Omega Speedmaster that was used to perfectly time 14 seconds of rocket boost for the astronauts when their equipment malfunctioned). My generation will understand this, allowing us to market to their desire for social currency.



My love for watches started when I was young. For me, there was a connection to the watch on my wrist, a constant reminder that time is limited,  valuable, and finite, as seen through a piece of art.

I followed my love for design to California Polytechnic University where I studied Architecture and Construction, combining art and design theory into structural reality. Day to day, I am immersed in the field of property identification, property improvement, and follow through on the development of fine properties. I love the hunt, the creativity of vision, and taking something tarnished and bringing it back to life in a modern and functional  way.

It is my appreciation and love for this kind of intuitive design that lead me back to watches. Fine timepieces have been crafted by a master hand with care and precision, an extension of the maker themselves. I feel that intuitively crafted watches- whether young or old- are the perfect combination of technology and art in our multi-dimensional world.

I currently own and operate a real estate firm based out of San Luis Obispo. With over a decade of real estate and development experience, I bring my negotiation skills to each watch transaction. It would be my pleasure to help you meet your purchase or sale goals and grow your own collection of